The Rag and Bone Man (ragandboneman) wrote in rasaworld,
The Rag and Bone Man

From Deanna (July 31, 2006)

[SCENE: Bedroom, cramped. Small bunk, behind which is covered with photos and pinups. LEE sits at the head, cross-legged, smoking a black cigarette. A camera records him, held by GINSENG. He seems slightly annoyed, embarrassed.]

LEE: Put that shit away.


LEE: What for?

GINSENG: C’mon, please?

LEE: Okay. Shit, okay.

GINSENG: What’s your name?

LEE: … Lee.


LEE: Avalon. Lee-Jun Avalon.

GINSENG: So you’re from Hwarang?

LEE: Yeah. I’m only half, though.

GINSENG: What’s your other half?

LEE: My mom’s from the, you know like, the islands and shit.

GINSENG: What was her name?

LEE: Is. Her name is Jamie.

GINSENG: Sorry. [LEE waves it away] How old are you?

LEE: [grin] 28.

GINSENG: What do you do?

LEE: I’m in the trade business as a freelance courier. I captain this ship, the Rosebud. [GINSENG coughs] You okay? You want me to put it out?

GINSENG: No it’s okay. [He coughs again, but stifles it] You like what you do?

LEE: I guess. Yeah. I guess, cuz, well, fuckin’, I can’t do elsewise, you know? Never dreamed of elsewise.

GINSENG: So what do you like?

LEE: [grins again] What do you mean, what do I like? Food, movies, positions?

GINSENG: Positions./ Kidding.

LEE: /Cowboy.

GINSENG: I was kidding. Just what do you like? In general.

LEE: Shit. Uhh… Cars… I like to drive fast. Go fast. I like whiskey, I like getting’ shit done… Getting’ into fights…


LEE: [laughs] Calm down, shit.

GINSENG: Am I lying?

LEE: [embarrassed at first, then boastful] Yeah, I guess. Yeah, I do. Who the fuck doesn’t, you know? Even you do. What? Don’t look like that. I know you do.

[GINSENG giggles quietly. LEE watches the camera silently, lighting another cigarette as he does.]

GINSENG: What do you think of when you see this picture?

[LEE takes a Polaroid from GINSENG. A snapshot of LOVELY, pink hair, silly face, flippin’ the bird.]

LEE: I love her. Um… what do I think? I think beer. And I think she looks plastered here. Ahh… I dunno. I think it’s a crappy-ass picture. Was this New Year’s?

GINSENG: Yeah. Tell me about her.

LEE: She’s crazy. Never see her around much. I love her, I dunno. What do you want me to say? She’s my girl. When she comes around I know we like to shoot shit and get drunk and she’ll punch me in the gut. She knocks me out. She gets me up.

GINSENG: Hard up?

LEE: Fuck you. [LEE stubs out his cigarette and reaches for the camera] Turn that off now. Shit. I’ll show you hard up. [the lens blacks out, but we hear scuffles, laughter, and just before the sound cuts, a breath or a whisper.]
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