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Development log

For the time being this space (mirrored on deviantART and LiveJournal) will be used as a development log for Rasaworld. Currently the Rasaworld site is being used for an in-character blog and for its RP reference subdomain. To maintain the illusion we'll keep "business" separate.

As of this moment Rasaworld is public only through the in-character blog and RPs help off-site that refer back to the RP section on Rasaworld.net for reference materials. Right now I wish to give the RP section a face-lift, so most news for the next little while will relate to that.

I hope to keep the updates on a minimally weekly basis, but every time something is updated or added it will be noted in this blog.
Farhain Colour

Site update

It's still in its rough stages, but the Rasaworld site is up for display purposes only.

Currently I am testing all of the features for bugs (of which there are many).

This is the short list sent to me by Eugene:

- User Registration needs image verification
- User Registration needs e-mail confirmation
- Text entries need automatic formatting. Like replacing line breaks with html paragraph breaks.
- Attachments cannot be added to new entries, only when editing an entry.
- Attachments need work in general.
- Search is totally non functional at the moment.

More bugs to be posted later.
Farhain Colour

Monday, September 25th, 2006

I spent a little over an hour with RegisterFly's customer service. They could not find any error on my part for the domain transfer's cancellation. They fail to see any problem at all save for that the domain isn't transferring as it should. At any rate, the technician placed another support ticket for us so that a higher level of support can have a look into it.

Seeing that this may take a while I have updated the DNS over at Moniker (who still hosts our domain) to reflect Eugene's current host.
Farhain Colour

Monday, September 18th, 2006

According to RegisterFly the domain transfer is going through.

The technician said that it should take five to seven business days from yesterday (Sunday, September 17th, 2006) for the domain transfer to complete.

The next post here probably will be me confirming the completion of the transfer.
Farhain Colour

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

As far as online goes, the only thing stunting the progress on rasaworld.net is a domain transfer from Moniker (that has been our domain registrar for at least two years, perhaps three) to Registerfly (the current YOSC registrar). Moniker became the registrar for Rasaworld after the domain expired for the first time--it was seized. After ownership was established I chose to remain with Moniker--after all, one registrar is as good as another (so I decided to believe). The reason for the domain switch is simple convenience. Consolidating the domains to Registerfly just made things easier.

For the last week I have been inconvenienced by some sort of technical problem that neither the supports from Moniker or Registerfly have been able to identify. One registrar says one thing, the other disagrees. At any rate, I have been assured yesterday (Tuesday, September 12th, 2006) that the transfer is going through and it should be taken care of. If by tomorrow evening the domain is still pending I will contact support again.

Once all of this is settled I plan on having the Rasa back in some noticeable capacity.
Farhain Colour

Compliments of Mr. Hlibichuk

(for full entry; friends only)


Harrington is sitting at his cherrywood table, sipping his aromatic breakfast tea. Harrington is reading his paper, checking the financials, wondering if his shipment of fine crafted goods from the Northern Reaches will come in today. The natives, they produce those trinkets for a pittance, he thinks. He makes a lot of money on those trinkets, on other similar lucrative imports. Harrington leads a comfortable life alone in his flat in southern Thames.

Harrington is checking his pocketwatch, noting the time, but he knows he is neither early nor late. He will arrive at the office precisely on schedule. He is respected, there. An entrepreneur for a new age. Harrington is as successful as successful could be.

But Harrington is a Wiltleaf. Not publicly, of course. Publicly, Harrington is a Smythe. Jones, used to be, before his Brass Polisher Service went bust, thanks to the now-infamous Tuba incident that drunks and gossips still prattled about over a pint. Harrington had grease in his ears for weeks. No, publicly, Harrington Smythe is a prominent businessman. Privately, however, Harrington Wiltleaf is certain that his family and his tribe have forgotten him, though he hasn't forgotten them. Still, every now and again, Harrington locks all his doors and windows with a twitch in his eye, pulls down the blinds, and sits in darkness muttering to himself for hours on end in what would otherwise be the most productive part of the evenings. Every now and again, Harrington Wiltleaf becomes a twittering sack of twine, nerves wound tight and fearful that his lineage will come back to haunt him someday.

Harrington picks up his overcoat from the tree and checks to see that he has his briefcase. Today, Harrington is completely calm. But today, Harrington's greatest fear is about to come true.