The Rag and Bone Man (ragandboneman) wrote in rasaworld,
The Rag and Bone Man

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

As far as online goes, the only thing stunting the progress on is a domain transfer from Moniker (that has been our domain registrar for at least two years, perhaps three) to Registerfly (the current YOSC registrar). Moniker became the registrar for Rasaworld after the domain expired for the first time--it was seized. After ownership was established I chose to remain with Moniker--after all, one registrar is as good as another (so I decided to believe). The reason for the domain switch is simple convenience. Consolidating the domains to Registerfly just made things easier.

For the last week I have been inconvenienced by some sort of technical problem that neither the supports from Moniker or Registerfly have been able to identify. One registrar says one thing, the other disagrees. At any rate, I have been assured yesterday (Tuesday, September 12th, 2006) that the transfer is going through and it should be taken care of. If by tomorrow evening the domain is still pending I will contact support again.

Once all of this is settled I plan on having the Rasa back in some noticeable capacity.
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