The Rag and Bone Man (ragandboneman) wrote in rasaworld,
The Rag and Bone Man

Activity policy

In light of the fact of our noticeable decline in recent writing activity, Keith and I have come up with a policy that will hopefully remain in practice for some time.

We believe that:

  • we should have one new thread--whatever the length--in Segues and Tangents daily
  • during the course of a week (new week beginning on Monday, Sunday being considered the last day of the week) we should achieve a quota of at least one new Segue entry for each of the main four Rasa series: The Rasa Adventure, Emily, Lovely Darkmeat and The Thieving Magpie
  • every new segue entry must be commented on by at least one person
  • important discussions or Segue-like material posted in the LiveJournal will be transcribed onto the forums by myself if they are not by their original authors

    So, starting tomorrow we will begin with this new policy.
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